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What is a virtual call center?2018-10-27T22:38:30-04:00

Call center jobs can be in an office building or work at home (known as Virtual Call Center). Instead of working from a workstation in a building (brick and mortar establishment), the companies agents are geographically dispersed throughout the United States and have the ability to work from home. Companies contract with business process outsourcing firms (BPOs) who provide call center services to other businesses for a fee or can hire call center agents for their own business needs.

What is a virtual agent?2018-10-27T17:38:14-04:00

The term “virtual agent“, is typically used to describe a program based in artificial intelligence (AI) that provides automated customer service. However, a Virtual Agent can also refer to a human customer service agent who works remotely from his employer’s location or from their very own home.

What are the technical requirements?2018-07-18T07:43:40-04:00


Am I required to speak English?2018-07-18T07:45:59-04:00

Yes. You must speak fluent English, however, bilingual opportunities are available.

What is the starting pay for the work at home opportunities offered?2018-07-18T07:48:56-04:00

The starting pay rate currently ranges from $9 – $18 per hour. From time to time, you are offered incentives & bonuses depending on your performance.

Note: Based on your performance, if there is an opportunity to receive a promotion and you are promoted, your pay rate will increase.

Is there an age requirement?2018-07-18T07:50:07-04:00

Yes. You are required to be at least 18 years of age or older before you apply.

Are these really legitimate work from home opportunities?2018-07-18T07:51:03-04:00

Yes absolutely! These are real work-from-home opportunities that will enable you to service for reputable Fortune 500 and 1000 companies that are known worldwide. Our opportunities list and client programs are steadily growing.

All employees of StoneLink Solutions have serviced with the same companies that we have established business relationships with. We ensure that you are equipped with all of the necessary tools and resources to succeed. Just ask us…we even have our paystubs to prove it!

Wanna know more about StoneLink Solutions? Just check out our about us page here: Learn More…

Do I have to live in the United States and be a US Citizen?2018-07-18T07:51:39-04:00

Yes. You are required to reside in the United States and be a United States citizen.

Note: Must have a valid Social Security Number.

Am I able to work anywhere in the United States?2018-07-18T07:52:11-04:00

Yes absolutely. We recruit agents from anywhere in the Continental United States. However, some of our clients prohibit servicing from certain states.

At the moment, we are not accepting new applicants from the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

It is the policy of our agency to provide equal opportunity to persons regardless of race, religion, age, gender, disability or any other classification in accordance with federal, state and local statutes, regulations, and ordinances.

Is a background check required?2018-12-26T10:06:12-05:00

Yes. A background check is required. Background checks are run by an independent third party vendor at no cost.

  • You will be invited to submit a background check once you have selected an opportunity.



Will I be responsible for my own taxes?2018-07-18T07:53:44-04:00

Yes, you are responsible for your own taxes. StoneLink Solutions will not withhold any taxes from your earnings on your behalf. As an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.

We highly advise you to consult with a tax professional to explain your write-offs, deductions and/or expenses while being self-employed. You are NOT eligible to receive unemployment, overtime, or benefits as Independent Contractors or Sole Proprietors.

Will be considered an employee of StoneLink Solutions?2018-07-18T07:54:32-04:00

You will be considered a 1099 independent contractor. You will NOT be an employee of StoneLink Solutions. You are NOT eligible to receive unemployment, overtime, or benefits as Independent Contractors or Sole Proprietors.

You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year and no taxes will be deducted from your earnings. Please check with your tax professional/advisor for more information on how to file your taxes.

How many hours will I be required to work per week?2018-07-18T07:55:13-04:00

The weekly minimum hour requirement is 15- 20 hours a week, this will be further discussed and outlined in your Statement Of Work per the client.

You have the flexibility to set your own schedule and choose as many hours as you are able to service per week based on the client’s needs.

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