Tax Company Concierge

Limited Time Opportunity…Apply while you still can!

This is the perfect opportunity for our new comers whom never worked from home. Starting pay for this opportunity is $10 an hour.

What to Expect

You will be providing real-time interactive voice response (IVR) services to customers and transferring calls to the appropriate workgroups.

• Calls will be around 60 seconds.

• Call center agent will read scripting at opening of call and transfer to appropriate department or refer to the appropriate online resource.

• Once call is transferred, call center agent will document disposition via an online form


Guess What??? This certification training is only 2 days. Yep, you heard right…2 days only. Training starts on 03/07 – 03/08 and then right after, you can start generating revenue on 03/09. That simple! What are you waiting for????? This opportunity will not last long. Apply Today!


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